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By Acuña Dentistry
August 28, 2017
Category: Oral Health
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For patients experiencing constant pain in the area near the jaw, ear or muscles on the side of the place, TMD may be the reason. TMJ or jaw painthe temporomandibular joint is the joint affected by this dysfunction. TMD describes the group of conditions that include pain or dysfunction of the muscles around this joint. Dr. Edgar Acuña, in Winter Park, Florida, is a dentist from Acuna Dentistry that can help treat this issue.

About Jaw Pain

Most often the pain associated with TMD is because of the two TMJs that connect the lower jaw, mandible and the temporal bone of the skull on each side. These complex joints allow movement when chewing or talking. Any of these parts can become the source of the problem. If you are in pain or are having trouble opening or closing your jaw, your Winter Park, Florida, dentist from Acuna Dentistry can examine you and determine the best treatment for your oral health situation.

Some signs and symptoms of TMD/TMJ pain include:

  • popping or clicking sound
  • joint or muscle pain

Also, muscle spasms can be helped with stretching exercises. Anti-inflammatory medications or muscle relaxants can help provide relief too. Severe TMD cases may require more intense treatment including bridgework or other dental restorations, cortisone injections of the joint or orthodontics. Trying a variety of conservative treatments may help you find the most effective treatment for your particular situation. It is rare for surgery to be required for TMD cases, however, a dentist can track your progress and determine the right course of action over time for your particular situation.

To learn more about treating your TMD or TMJ pain and to schedule an informative appointment, contact your Winter Park, Florida, dentist from Acuna Dentistry today by calling 407-647-6261.